Dune and Blue at Watrous
Here are some photographs of our horses enjoying their sanctuary at Watrous. In the summer of 2008 we turned them loose up there and it didn't take them long to make themselves at home on the 420 acres of rolling grassland and forest. There are wonderful views from our mesa top and a beautiful hidden valley where rain-fed water-holes are a favorite. All of our mustangs love to swim and splash in the water, a blessed relief from the insects and the summer heat no doubt.Our land is 'range land' and therefore relies 100% on rainfall. In New Mexico that rainfall can be very fickle and hit or miss. We do not want to overgraze our grass and so the more land we can add to our sanctuary the more horses we can help. Please enjoy the photographs on this page and please, if you can, help us to provide more acreage so that more captured wild horses can be returned to freedom at our sanctuary. This property is situated in vast country that is a prisine wildlife wonderland. There are huge herds of elk that roam through the property and deer and antelope and coyotes and mountain lions. The sunsets are spectacular and the night sky is a star-gazers dream. We hope that by creating a large land reserve for our horses we will also be helping to preserve the land for other wild life too.
(The images below will enlarge on rollover. If you have a slow connection, please be patient for them to load.)
Dune with Wild horses on the Mesa
gathered at the watering hole
Across A Sea of Grass
Lulu running free
running through the canyon
Chaco Belle
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
Chewy by the Windmill
Sunset on the mesa
Chewy and Sonny at Dawn
Noche and Kachina at the Waterhole
Chewy, Cochiti, Mudji and Annie at dawn Dune at Dawn
Sonny Blue swimming in a waterhole
Pippin and Brego Horses on the mesa
Solo and Dulche running free again Noche at the Pond

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