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All proceeds from the sale of books and DVD's go to the Cimarron Sky-Dog reserve.
These books, written by Jackie Fleming (under the pen name Anne J Thomas) are true- life stories,
many of which are the stories of Cimarron Sky-Dog’s own rescue horses.
Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve
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Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve
Cimarron! The sequel to Sky-Dog! Buy it now for $15 or get both books for $25 (plus shipping).
Look out for Jackie’s new book:
Otro Lado
~ musings from a woman who was never really here ~

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve

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This DVD is $15 plus shipping and handling and all proceeds go to Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve.
This film shows the dream of the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve, a non-profit horse sanctuary to create a large land refuge where captured New Mexican wild horses can run free and live out their days in freedom.
From a ‘bait and trap’ capture by Dan Elkins to the release of some of these horses at Cimarron Sky-Dog’s new reserve at Watrous, this film will both inform you and touch your heart with evocative scenes of horses in captivity and running free in glorious New Mexican scenery.
We visit the horses at the U.S Forestry Service pens in Farmington where they are branded and put up for adoption and approach the subject of a potential solution to the much debated and controversial issue of controlling wild horse numbers around the nation. PZP is an equine birth control and informed interviews with Karen Herman, Dan Elkins and Anthony Madrid of the U.S Forest Service help to highlight the benefits of this option.
With a guest appearance by famed equine photographer, Gregg Albracht this film conveys all sentiments from the harsh realities to the artistic romance that is the world of wild horses.
For some wonderful photos and information on the making of this film,
please go to our "Making of the Film" page.
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