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Visiting the Sanctuary:

To visit the sanctuary it is 'by appointment only'. Please contact Jackie about coming to visit the horses either at the Cerrillos location or up at Watrous. The sanctuary is on private property and so for privacy reasons and liability reasons the visits need to be supervised. Due to an overwhelming amount of requests from folks who would like to visit our horses, we have come up with a visitor day for every month. Please go to our 'Visitor Day' blog page for more information and dates about these days. This page will also give you some idea about what to expect when visiting the sanctuary and we will try to keep it as updated as possible. 

 We are also a non-profit sanctuary and our costs are high and so a minimum donation of $35/person (to visit the Watrous location.. on a visitor day) would be much appreciated. These donations are tax deductible, and a waiver must also be signed due to insurance requirements. Any other visitor requests, (if we can fulfill them), will be $100.00 per person. Please understand that we are a small sanctuary with very minimum staff (mostly one person and we want to keep it that way) and a lot of work to do. We THANK EVERYONE for their interest in our horses and our sanctuary but it is hard to accommodate a lot of individual requests to visit as well as to run the sanctuary (in two locations) and keep up with the commuting, the repairs, the paperwork and general maintenance. The upkeep and welfare of our horses is our main priority at the sanctuary and their needs have to come first. We hope, for these reasons, you will understand why we can't have an 'open door' policy 

Another way to see the sanctuary is by joining an Equine Photography workshop conducted by either Lynne PomeranzTony Stromberg or Gregg Albracht, who are regular visitors to our sanctuary. We hope this will not be inconvenient to our visitors and we hope you will all understand. Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you soon! Give us a call or drop us an e-mail! 

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Write: Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve P.O. Box 583
Cerrillos, New Mexico 87010

Phone: (505) 473-9598
(contact Jackie)


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