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Listen Here! to an interview on KSFR Radio Cafe in Santa Fe between Mary-Charlotte and Donna Wells and Jackie Fleming on November 10th, 2011. They discuss the wild horse issue and Donna's film 'She Had Some Horses' which features the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve amongst others. Also Listen to a January 2011 KSFR interview with Jackie Fleming and James Anaquad Kleinert about the Cimarron Sky-Dog Wild Horse Sanctuary and James' movie 'Wild Horses and Renegades'. The interview explores the whole Wild Horse issue in America. See the trailer for James' film here.
(please note: some of the footage may be disturbing.)

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve has recently started to adopt some Forestry Service mustangs and is working towards creating a large land reserve where some of the hundreds of wild horses rounded up here in New Mexico can run free again. Due to diminishing wild horse territory and no birth control (as yet), it is necessary for the Forestry Service to conduct regular round-ups in order to ensure enough fodder for the horses left behind, especially in drought years or harsh winters. In May 2007 we adopted a young mare we named 'Lulu'. She was an example of how starved the wild horses can be after a bad winter when there isn't enough food to go around. She was rounded up with many others from the Jicarilla Wild Horse territory who were in a similar condition. A few weeks after she was rounded up, Lulu gave birth to a little colt we called Blue. A good majority of the mares rounded up are pregnant. By the end of the summer of 2007, Lulu was looking much better and Blue had grown dramatically. Their pictures are featured below. Most of the horses rounded up do not get adopted and are shipped to the mid-west where they will spend the rest of their days in pens, if not worse. There are currently over 30,000 of America's wild horses languishing in these pens, therefore it is a huge dilemma. We plan to work alongside other organizations to try and solve this complex problem of providing the best solution for New Mexico's wild horses and keep them free. Some of our best friends in this dream are the folks at the Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary.

There are horses in need of adoption from the Jicarilla Wild Horse District right now (January 2011). They are waiting in pens at Farmington, NM. If anyone is interested in giving one or more of these beautiful horses a home please talk to Anthony Madrid at the Carson National Forest Ranger District

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Also, read a three part blog on Cimarron Sky-Dog's ideas on the wild horse issue and some alternatives that are available to manage wild horses in the wild on our bulletin board.


Lulu and her baby Cinco blue
‘Lulu’ and her baby ‘Cinco Blue’
when they first came to us in May 2007.
Lulu and Cinco Blue a few months later.
‘Lulu and Cinco Blue a few months later.
Pippin and Brego

Brego, Pippin and Dune were rounded up from El Rito in the fall of 2007 and came to live with us on Valentine's 2008.

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve

(See a clip from the movie here!)

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve Although we are a non-breeding facility some of the mares that come to us from the wild either have babies or are pregnant. In Kachina's case, it was both. Her colt Noche is now a yearling and on April 15th, 2009 she gave birth to another colt who we called Rebate. He is a very sweet and delightful addition to our herd and easy to fall in love with.
Cassie is a six-year-old mustang mare from Nevada who was adopted from a long-term, BLM holding pen in Oklahoma in February 2010. Her story can be seen on the 'Cassie's story' page

Alma (3-years-old), Redbo (2-years-old) and Gringo (3-years-old) were adopted from a BLM pen in Oklahoma in March, 2010. They were all originally from Nevada although Redbo was born in a BLM pen after his mother was rounded up. You can see some of their story in the Youtube clips, 'Adopt a mustang, adopt a legend' and 'Second chances-Free again' accessible on our film footage page on this website.

Lakota is a 5-year-old mustang from Muskrat Basin in Wyoming.
shoshone and pie
Shoshone and Piegan ('Pie').
These three horses all came from long-term holding pens in Oklahoma in the spring of 2010. They are all between 3 and 5 years old as of 2010. They all originally came from the Muskrat Basin in Wyoming and so are named after Northern Plains Indian tribes. Collectively I refer to them as 'the muskrats!'