Jackie and Milagro


A word from our founder-

Running a sanctuary for wild horses has been a privilege and a joy for many years. It was also a dream come true. This is a photograph taken by Tony Stromberg of me sharing a laugh with Milagro, one of the mustangs I adopted out of a BLM pen in 2011. Every day I get to walk the range and visit with my mustangs as they graze and play and wander across their 1,100 acre range. It is a wonderful way to spend my life and they are the best company. I am very lucky! Although it was an honor to run the non-profit for 15 years, I have decided to focus on different things, especially my writing which I do under my pen name Anne J. Thomas. But the plight of wild horses in America will always be important to me. It is my full intention that the horses that have called the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve home since they were adopted from captivity, will always have a place at Shadowlands Ranch in Watrous, New Mexico. I want them to stay together as a herd on territory that has been home to them for several years now. I will also continue to follow and promote the cause of wild horses in America wherever I can.

Thank you to all of those who have supported us as a non-profit and I hope we can stay in touch and you will continue to follow the shenanigans of our horses through our facebook page! Thanks also to those who work so devotedly to save America's mustangs, both in the wild and in captivity. It is an uphill battle but we are the only voices those horses have and so we mustn't give up!

Let wild horse freedom prevail and happy trails!

Jackie Fleming