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Our Wild Horses

The Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve currently is home to 38 horses. Most of our horses are either mustangs or Indian ponies from the Navajo Reservation. Many of our horses are New Mexico mustangs adopted through the Forestry Service, either gathered from the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory or from Jarita Mesa. We also have many horses adopted through the BLM. Some from Nevada, Wyoming and Utah. We've adopted horses from holding pens and from a prison in Utah. Some of our horses were rescues, mustangs who had been adopted by other parties and then found themselves in dire situations. Where ever they came from they are now living as a herd at the Shadowlands Ranch at Watrous, New Mexico. We hope they can stay together for the rest of their lives, running free as a big adopted family. Each of our horses has a unique story. You can read more about each of the horses on our blog.