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The Third Annual Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography

2012 Official Rules:

This will be our third contest. The last two year's events were a great success and we've received lots of gorgeous entries that have made judging very hard, but thanks to EVERYONE for entering. Please read the rules carefully so that there won't be any misunderstandings. All proceeds raised from this event will go to the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve, which is a 501(c)(3), non-profit charity. Obviously we are horse lovers by nature but the artistic beauty that they embody inspires many of us to want to pick up our cameras and try to do justice to and capture an element of their natural beauty and spirit. Some of us are more successful than others. We are very fortunate to have the generous help of three of the finest Equine Photographers in the country to judge our competition again this year.

Gregg Albracht

Lynne Pomeranz

Tony Stromberg

Many people out there will recognize these names and know that their work is truly some the most evocative and beautiful in the Equine Photography world today. Please go to their websites to see the kind work and experience that these judges will bring to this competition.

If you enjoy the world of equine photography and like to partake in it either as a hobby or as a potential career, this is a wonderful competition for you! You will not only be helping some of the divine creatures that are your chosen subject but you will also have the honor of being judged by three of the best in the business.

Entry deadline:

All entries must be submitted no later than October 15th, 2012 to be eligible for this contest. The winners will be announced by November 10th on our website. All winners will be contacted by e-mail and/or phone (we do not contact everyone with the results and so please stay tuned to our website). A show will be planned in Santa Fe to exhibit the winning photographs after the contest and so please stay tuned for updates on that. All entries must be post-marked the day of the deadline, at the latest, to be eligible for the competition. If a contestant pays by check that too must be dated no later than the deadline. Entries are welcome anytime after this contest has been announced though and so feel free to send your entries early!


$250.00 first prize for each of the 2 categories and $75.00 second prize for each category.

There will also be three honorary mentions for each category.

Entry Fee:

Get the Contest Entry Form here.

The entry fee will be $20.00 for a total of 3 pictures (Not $20.00 each, $20.00 for all three... just to save confusion!) but the entrant may enter more than three photographs with the additional photographs costing $5.00 each.
No photograph will be eligible for the competition without payment of the entry fee. Each photograph must be accompanied by an entry form with the photograph’s title and the category.


1) Free Spirit: We are looking for photographs that capture the free spirit inside every horse, whether they be wild or domestic. It isn't just about freedom in the physical state, it is a mental attitude too. The inner spirit of every horse that wants to be free.

2) Horse Power:  This year we would like a category that captures the physicality of a horse. Something that would show their power, their bravery and their heroic side. 
3) Attitude: We all know horses all have their own unique personalities and show their emotions and their attitudes with body language and facial expressions and in their actions. We are looking for photographs that will capture these attitudes and expressions and demonstrate the horse's personality.


The judges will be looking for photographs that evoke the true essence of the category. Technical skill will be very important but the entrants’ ability to ‘capture the moment’, their ability to use their natural ‘eye’ and to judge a good picture, in the field, is as equally important. Although some manipulating is acceptable, judges will be looking more at the skill of the photographer and their understanding of the subject matter rather than their technical abilities to manipulate the photograph later. Any photographs that add or replace elements in the image that were not originally there will be disqualified. Cropping or rotating the picture, softening it or texturizing it, removing red-eye, blurring, sharpening, spotting, dodging and burning, contrast and color adjustments are all acceptable. No panoramic photographs will be accepted.
Entries that fail to comply with the official competition rules will be disqualified with no refund. Please read these rules carefully before submitting your entries. All of the judge’s decisions will be final.

Who may enter:

Entrants must be 18 or older and residence of the United States. All photographs must be the work of the entrant and the entrant must be sole owner of the copyright of any image submitted. By entering this contest and submitting the entry form, the entrant guarantees that they are author and copyright holder of the submitted photograph. They also acknowledge that they have taken full responsibility for obtaining sufficient permission and release from any recognizable model or other persons appearing in the photograph. The organizers, of this contest, the judges and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ will not be responsible for any lawsuits or liability incurred by reproducing an image in which an individual(s) did not grant their permission to be displayed in any photograph included in this competition.
The contest is closed to any organizer, staff member, judge, or member of the board of the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve.

Submitting Digital Images:

Submit all images on CD accompanied by a signed printout of our entry form for each photograph and the appropriate fee. Please put all of the entries on ONE CD, this makes it much easier for judging. Please also put the title of the photograph on every photograph on the CD with the photo. We have had problems in the past identifying what photo goes with what title and so please don't just title your photos one, two and three or just use their jpeg numbers on the CD. The file size of each photo should be 1200 pixels (ON THE LONG SIDE) and they should be in jpeg format. Sorry, but we will not be returning your CD at the end of the contest, unless there is a special request. If you do want your entries back we will be happy to send them upon request. Please send your entries to:

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve,
Photo Contest 2012,
P. O. Box 583,
Cerrillos, NM 87010

Ownership/ Use:

The entrant will retain the copyright to their photographs. By entering this contest, the entrant agrees to have their submitted photograph considered for display on the website ( or any other advertising that could display ‘past winners’ or ‘past entries’ that could be used for future events. Entrants agree that the organizers of this competition, ‘The Second Annual Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography,’ will contact them to obtain permission for use of these photographs in this way first. All entrants are aware that there will be a show of the winning photographs in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the culmination of this competition (yet to be announced) and that the ‘winning photographs’ and the three honorary mentions of each category will be on display. By filling out the entry form and entering this contest the entrant has agreed to display their photograph(s) at the awards show in Santa Fe, New Mexico (yet to be announced), at the culmination of this competition (2012).


Judges will select a first and second place winner from each category plus three honorary mentions for each category. Winners will be notified approximately 3 weeks after the contest deadline has passed. They will be contacted by phone or e-mail using the information provided by the entrant on their entry form. The organizers of the competition and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ will not be responsible if the information provided is incorrect or out of date, illegible or unintelligible. Please be sure to fill in your entry forms as accurately and clearly as possible. If an entrant is not available by either phone or e-mail, the organizers will assume that the entrant is no longer at either address, and award the prize to somebody else. We do not want the prize(s) to be sent out if we are not assured that they will go to the entrant named on the entry form.

Donate/Sale of artwork:

This competition is a fund-raising event to raise funds and awareness for the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’, a wild horse sanctuary. There will be a show at the culmination of this contest where the contest winners, plus the nine honorary mentions will be put on display and put up for sale. By entering this contest and signing the entry form the entrant agrees to these terms and agrees that a minimum of 25% of the proceeds of the sale of their photograph will go towards the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve.’ If an entrant would like to donate more than that percentage that is up to them and would be very much appreciated. If an entrant is to be included in the show in Santa Fe, at the culmination of the contest, we will contact them with details about submitting their show piece. It will be up to the entrant to submit (deliver, at their expense) a framed show piece that would be suitable for display and for sale. If the entrant’s show piece is not sold in the show, and the entrant would like to have it back, it will be up to the entrant to retrieve their artwork, (at their expense) at the culmination of the show. If the show piece is to be returned by mail, it will be up to the entrant to pay 100% of the shipping. We only stress this to prevent any misunderstandings later. The 'Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve' cannot afford to pay for the return shipping in future.
We thank everyone who enters in advance and apologize for the serious nature of these ‘rules’ but we would like everything to be clear with no confusion. We are a charity that relies on the generosity of folks like you and so THANK YOU for your participation!

Additional Terms and Conditions:

The organizers of this competition and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ are not responsible for computer system, hardware, software, or program malfunctions or other errors, failures, or delayed computer transactions or network connections that are human or technical in nature. Furthermore, the organizers of this contest and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ are not responsible for 1) lost, misdirected, misplaced, illegible, unintelligible, incomplete, or late entries or 2) any act, failure to act, or delay regarding the transmitting or processing of entries. Or the failure of the U S Mail or any other shipping means of transporting entries. The organizers of this contest and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, suspend all or any portion of this contest without notice if factors beyond the organizers or ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserves’ control, including technical difficulties, disrupt or corrupt the fair or secure administration or operation of this contest. Void where prohibited. The organizers and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ are entitled to interpret these rules as needed and their decisions are final. The organizers and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ reserve the right to disqualify any entry that the organizers and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ have reason to believe is not the original work of an entrant, or does not otherwise meet the contest rules. If a winner is disqualified or determined to be ineligible, an alternate winner will be selected using the same judging process/ criteria described in the rules. By participating in this contest, the entrant agrees to release and hold harmless the organizers of this competition and its judges and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ and its employees, volunteers, officers and affiliates from any and all damages, injuries, claims, causes of actions, or losses of any kind resulting from his or her participation in this contest, including infringement of intellectual property rights and artistic property rights. The entrant also agrees to release and hold harmless the organizers of this competition, its judges and the ‘Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve’ and its employees, volunteers, officers and affiliates from any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages related to or based on entrants’ rights of publicity or privacy, or entrants’ claim that he or she has somehow been defamed or portrayed in a false light or if any subject represented in an entrants’ photograph makes the same claims.