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Shadowlands Ranch

The Shadowlands Ranch is a private ranch near Watrous, New Mexico. The horses of the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve, live here, year round, on 1,100 acres. Watrous is a very historical area, it was once called La Junta and was a major stopping place and hub along the Santa Fe Trail. It is on the eastern edge of the of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Nearby are ruins of ghost towns and the haunting Fort Union. There are old Santa Fe Trail wagon ruts on the property and the horses are often found grazing in the deep furrows carved by 1000's of wagons in the 1800s. Mustangs were a common sight in trail days, two million wild horses used to run free in America alongside the buffalo and antelope and elk. Although the ranch has 1,100 acres we have to be very careful how many horses we put out on the land. We want to preserve this beautiful, historical place as much as we do the horses. Rain has been scarce in New Mexico and the growing season is short and so it is easy for just twenty horses to overgraze. If we could, we would buy more land but resources are limited. We are also always looking to lease more land nearby but so far have not been lucky. The Shadowlands Ranch is a magical place, with vast views and roving cloud shadows. It is like stepping back in time, especially when you come across a small herd of wild horses living free and unencumbered as they have done since the 1600s. For more in depth information please visit our Shadowlands Website.