2010 Photo Contest

Before I go any further though I must just say this, the judging was VERY hard, I wish I had had a tape recorder going when I met with each of the judges as they all agonized over their choices and they all said, 'this is so much harder than I thought' and so that is a compliment to you all for your wonderful entries. These judges are three of the best in the business and they just couldn't choose! We have increased the 'honorable mentions' to 5 in our 'Living Art' category because it was just too impossible to pick only 3 and even then we may have to have a category for 'hard to let go' because there were some photos the judges loved a lot but there were only so many winning spots. I want to thank you all for entering our contest and supporting our sanctuary, it has all been so exciting and I have loved looking at all of your photos.

There was a show for the winners and honorable mentions as well as pieces from all three of our judges in Santa Fe on January 7th, 2011 at 5 pm.  The show was at the 'Collected Works Bookstore' at 202 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe (near the Plaza.) (505) 988-4226 and you can look them up at www.cwbookstore.com.

There was a book signing for Tony Stromberg's books 'Spirit Horses' and 'The Forgotten Horses' and Lynne Pomeranz's book 'Among Wild Horses' as well as Jackie's (me) 2 books 'Sky-Dog' and 'Cimarron.' Gregg Albracht also be previewed his new book of equine photography. For those of us who couldn't join us, there are some great photos and blogging at both Gregg Albrechts Blog and Leslie's Blue Mountain Photography blog. More ph`otos will be posted here as soon as we pick from our favorites!

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Tony Stromberg, Lynne Pomeranz and Gregg Albracht for taking time out of their busy lives to judge this contest and be a part of our show. It shows what generous folks these guys are and how much they care about the subject matter they photograph. THANK YOU!

The night also featured a sneak preview of James Kleinert's recently completed new film 'Wild Horses and Renegades' - A Moving Cloud Production. This film also comes under the title 'Disappointment Valley' (just incase you are confused) and it is an explosive documentary about the plight of the American Mustang as it struggles to survive as a free roaming species against massive competition and prejudice. Please go to James' website for more information and reviews about the film but if you want to know the whole story about the current plight of the American mustang, this film is a must see! We were SO lucky to be able to share our evening event with this sneak preview and thank James very much for this opportunity.

Jackie's photos and blog about the event can be found here.


Living Art Category Winners

First Prize: "The Ridge' by Stephen Lang

The Ridge

Second Prize: "Tesoro" by Lesley Deutsch


Honorable Mention: "Swimming" by Lauren Pochron.


Honorable Mention: "'Sagebrush Trot" by Wanelle Fitch.

Sagebrush Trot

Honorable Mention: "Freedom Messengers of Dignity" by Beth Longanecker.

Freedom Messengers

Honorable Mention: "Buddy" by Shawn Murphy.


Honorable Mention: "Away" by Lesley Deutsch.


Honoring the Hero Category Winners

First Prize: "Partners" by Robert Day


Second Prize: "Polo" by Wanelle Fitch.


Honorable Mention: "Morning Commute" by Sherry Harder.

Morning Commute

Honorable Mention: "On the Road Again" by Sherry Harder.

On the Road again

Honorable Mention: "Mobile Office" by Sherry Harder.

Mobile Office